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Why Skateboarding?

skateboarders giving each other a high fiveFor many people it is obvious that skateboarding can be an exciting and fun activity for both children and adults. But when examined more closely, it becomes apparent that there are more than a few reasons that can make skating a positive and rewarding experience for almost anyone. When practiced safely and properly, skateboarding can be a vehicle for future success as it provides opportunities to learn the kinds of lessons that often prove to be influential throughout a person’s entire life.

One unique quality of the skateboarding experience is the practicality and convenience of the activity. Skateboarding is an activity that can be practiced inside and out, in large spaces or small confined areas. While public skateparks may offer the most ideal places to skateboard, a skater can also work to perfect moves in places like a driveway or basement, with friends or by themselves.

girl buying a skateboardAnother unique quality of skateboarding’s practicality is the relatively low price of skateboarding equipment, and the affordability of the skateboarding experience itself. Anyone with a pair of sneakers can pick up a quality skateboard for less than 100 dollars and begin riding, learning, and enjoying the act of skating. There are no sign up fees, team registrations, lift tickets, or scheduled practices required. A skateboard can also provide a cheap and convenient source of transportation that can easily be picked up and carried or stored away when need be.

Possibly the most obvious benefit of the skateboarding experience is physical fitness. Skateboarding is vigorous exercise and can be an important tool in the fight against obesity. In order to navigate the skateboard safely a skater must use their entire body just to balance, push, and propel themselves forward. The physical act of skateboarding works to build cardio and core strength, improve flexibility, and fully develop balance and coordination skills. Once fundamentals are learned safely, skateboarding can become lifelong sport that is as challenging or relaxing as the individual chooses to make it.

In addition to these obvious health benefits, skateboarding is also the ideal crossover sport for other board sports such as surfing, snowboarding, or wakeboarding. If the waves are flat, the snow is melting, or the water is too cold, a person can help keep their skills sharp and fitness levels up by simply riding a skateboard.