Scope and Sequence
I.  Skateboarding Basics

II.  Starting Out
- Teaching Skateboarding Fundamentals

III.  Introduction to Skateparks
- Instructing an Introductory Skatepark Lesson

IV.  Intermediate Skateboarding and Skatepark Skills

V.  Advanced Skateboarding Skills
Drop In To Skateboarding
Beginning Skateboarding Instruction
Lesson Planning Scope and Sequence
The instructional section of the curriculum includes a variety of
different tools and resources to help recreation and physical
education professionals develop a skateboarding curriculum to
custom fit their own programming needs.  The curriculum is
designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of all levels of
skating ability from the very beginner, to the most advanced.  
While the curriculum is structured for all levels of ability, the main
focus is on beginners and teaching the fundamentals of
skateboarding through a safe and effective process.  The
“Drop In”
skateboarding curriculum provides instructional lesson plans and
reproducibles including handouts on goal setting, equipment,
skatepark safety, skateboard basics, and step-by-step lessons.  
Lesson plans incorporate educationally sound and tested methods
with skateboarding experience and are designed to be both
flexible and user friendly.  All lessons are written to meet National
Physical Education Standards.
Drop In to SkateboardingTM
Skateboarding and Skatepark Curriculum