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Skateboarding is a Safe and Healthy Form of Physical Education

Ben Wixon skateboardingAlthough skateboarding has long been fighting the stereotype of being a reckless and dangerous activity reserved for solely risk-takers and daredevils, most studies actually indicate that skating is as safe, or even safer, than many traditional sports and physical activities. In fact, research illustrates that 1/3rd of skateboarding injuries occur in the participant’s first few weeks of skating and can easily be avoided when fundamentals are taught safely and appropriately.

Drop In to Skateboarding curriculum and resources work to help disprove negative myths often associated with skateboarding through fact sheets, studies, and statistics. In addition to statistics and data are sample liability forms and guidelines for safe skatepark maintenance. The goal of the program is in providing quality data and resources to administrators, instructors, and skatepark advocates, so they may in turn build confidence in a safe and effective skateboarding program with their staff, students, parents, community, etc.