Background and Qualifications
Education              Masters of Education.  Arizona State University  
                                            Curriculum and Instruction/English As a Second Language  
                            Bachelor of Arts.  Northern Arizona University  
                                            Secondary Education/History Ed  

Professional          Portland SUN Community School Skateboard Program Sponsor &  Coach
Experience                 Initiated and sponsored after school skateboarding club for Portland Sun Community Schools
                                            Portland, Oregon

                            Skate Camp Manager & Skateboarding Instructor.  Maui Family YMCA
                                            Maui, Hawaii  
                                            Summer 2002-04
                            Skate Park Manager/Camp Coordinator & Coach.  Site Design Group
                                            Tempe, Arizona.                 .  
                            Skate Camp Manager/Skatepark Builder/Grounds Supervisor
                            Windell’s Snowboard Camp              
Mt. Hood, Oregon.  
                                            1997- 2000
                            Public School Teacher  Tempe and Portland Public School Districts
                                            Over the course of the past eight years Ben has taught full time both US History and English as a     
                                            Second Language in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms.
                                            Tempe, Arizona/Portland Oregon.
                                            1998 - 2007
                            PSIA Certified Snowboard Instructor.  Arizona Snowbowl  
                                            Taught individual and group snowboarding lessons to students of all ages.
                                            Flagstaff, Arizona
Special Skills        Public relations, special events, clinic and curriculum development,
                            grant writing, fund raising, hiring and training of staff.

Professional          Skatepark Leadership Advisory Team  
Development             Served on skatepark advisory team for the city of Portland Oregon.  Worked to evaluate and  
                                            develop possible sites for a city wide skatepark system.  
                                            Portland, Oregon
                            Y.M.C.A Skateboarding Task Team  
                                            Served on Y.M.C.A committee working to outline national skateboarding program and create a
                                            technical assistance paper for skateboarding programs and skateparks.

                            Introduction to Skateboarding Clinics
                                            Developed and implemented beginner learn to skate classes for the city of Chandler’s Public
                                            Chandler, Arizona.  

                            Tempe Parks and Recreation Skateboard Safety Clinics
                                            Created fundamental skateboarding safety and “skatepark etiquette” clinics for the city of
                                            Tempe Parks and Recreation.  
                                            Tempe, Arizona.  
                                            Summer 2001

                            The History of Skateboarding, a Humanity for Teens  
                                            Designed and facilitated a joint literacy project between Arizona State University and the
                                            Phoenix Public Library.
                                            Phoenix, Arizona.
                                            Fall 2000
Ben Wixon
Skateboarder, Educator, & Drop In Author.
Ben Wixon, Pier Park 2006
The skateboarding lessons and programming developed by Drop
Into Skateboarding have been created by a professional educator
with extensive experience in skateboarding and skateboarding
instruction. Curriculum author Ben Wixon holds a M.A. in Curriculum
and Instruction, and has been skateboarding for over twenty years.  
He has competed in international competitions, judged contests, and
developed skateboarding programming for numerous cities,
organizations, and skateboarding camps.  Drop In lesson plans have
been developed from experience and formal training, and were
created to serve a real need in the community.  This in depth
understanding of both educational best practice and skateboarding
culture makes him uniquely qualified to develop practical
instructional lessons anyone can understand.
Drop In to SkateboardingTM