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The Skaters for Public Skateparks/Drop-In Instructor Accreditation is a non-profit partnership that was created in an effort to promote skateboarding as a positive lifelong activity, and provide sound resources for facilitating school and community skateboarding programs safely. We believe that both skateboarding and skateparks are essential elements of the “New P.E.” movement, and serve as important tools in the fight against childhood obesity as they help to promote an active living lifestyle. In addition, we believe the creative and progressive elements of skateboarding naturally teach students the importance of setting and achieving their own goals as they build confidence and the types of skills crucial to success in life.

Community skateboarding programs promote safety and generate revenue for public skateparks, schools, community centers, municipalities, and related service organizations. The SPS/Drop-In Instructor Accreditation Program is designed for any organization working to create safe skateboarding instruction and programming. Our mission is in promoting skateboarding and skateparks as we work provide the essential tools needed for teaching skateboarding safely and effectively.

A typical dilemma encountered by organizations interested in offering skateboarding activities is how to properly provide safe instruction and education for beginning skateboarders. Studies indicate the most dangerous time for skateboarders can be found in the first weeks of learning skateboarding basics. Statistics also illustrate that approximately 1/3rd of all skateboard injuries occur in a beginning skater’s first week of learning to ride the skateboard. Implementing safe skateboarding programs that teach fundamentals correctly can help prevent injuries and foster a positive skateboarding environment. In addition, Drop-In lesson plans also provide an excellent activity for physical education classes and are designed to meet National Physical Education Standards.

Drop in and SPS are uniquely credentialed and qualified to help organizations create these programs as they have been working to create successful skateboarding programs with cities, schools, camps, and non-profits throughout the world for well over a decade. If you are interested in learning more please visit our Accreditation Website at:

Additional Materials and Downloads

Drop In to Skateboarding - Instructor Accreditation Brochure [.pdf]