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Teach Skateboarding Safely and Correctly

Drop In to Skateboarding is a research based skateboarding think tank that strives to provide safe, practical, and effective strategies for creating and maintaining positive public spaces and opportunities for skateboarding.

Drop In to Skateboarding is a comprehensive resource for studies, data, curriculum, and expert advice on all aspects of skatepark development and management.

Drop In to Skateboarding provides sound strategies and lesson plans for integrating safe skateboarding programs into a variety of public settings including schools, recreation programs, and public skateparks. All lessons are written to meet N.A.S.P.E physical education standards.

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Implementing fundamental skateboarding lessons in public skateparks can make skateboarding a safer experience for everyone while helping to ensure the future success of community skateparks.

Portland skateboarders with the major

Communities around the world are embracing skateboarding as a positive activity that can help fight the growing threat of childhood obesity.